Next Steps

The Federal Program Inventory Exploratory Pilot provides a good foundation for an inventory that OMB and agencies can build on going forward.  Under the next phase of the pilot, as OMB further engages stakeholders, OMB will focus on soliciting feedback on the general approach and identifying ways to improve the reporting and display of information. OMB will then use the feedback and lessons learned from these efforts to further refine and iterate on the inventory. 

This pilot can be expanded based on this feedback and lessons learned.  An expanded, more mature inventory could then provide a government-wide, centralized programmatic reporting and decision-making model, and allow Federal policymakers and the public alike to view individual spending and performance information within the larger context of all Federal spending by program. Over time, OMB plans to integrate the FPI into the DATA Act reporting process and associated displays to achieve a more mature inventory.

OMB understands the importance of implementing a coherent and comprehensive inventory, and the priority of this effort to both Congress and public stakeholders. In the coming months, OMB will provide more information about our next steps.  In particular, OMB will indicate how it plans to implement the new requirements included in P.L. 116-283 (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021) that require the collection and display of additional data for this inventory.