Global Health

Agencies were asked to identify programs that directly support and/or have the explicit goal of supporting human health-related activities in countries outside of the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, programs identified as “health” under the State Department’s Foreign Assistance Standardized Program Structure and Definitions and research activities with a primary focus and goal of supporting health activities or outcomes outside of the United States.

This category does not include research intended primarily for domestic application and programs with a primary focus on non-human, animal health, though programs may have a secondary or indirect impact on animal health.

The number of programs and funding amounts for those programs were generally consistent with expectations.  See here for other publicly reported information about similar spending.

While you are waiting for the data below to populate you can click here to learn more about what the pilot asked agencies to provide and the known data limitations. Note that the data display is not compatible with some browsers or mobile devices.