Artificial Intelligence R&D/Quantum Information Science R&D

Agencies were asked to identify programs that had research and development (R&D) funding in one of the following two areas:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) R&D advances the ability of computer systems to perform tasks that have traditionally required human intelligence; this includes R&D in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing/understanding, intelligent decision support systems, autonomous systems, and the novel application of these techniques to various domains.

Quantum Information Science (QIS) R&D applies the best understanding of the sub-atomic world—quantum theory—to generate new knowledge and technologies.

The number of programs and/or funding amounts for programs reported for this category were different than expected.  Some of the discrepancies were driven by difficulties identifying programs as defined by the pilot and determining what portion of total investments of programs fall under this category.  See here for other publicly reported information about spending for this category.

While you are waiting for the data below to populate you can click here to learn more about what the pilot asked agencies to provide and the known data limitations. Note that the data display is not compatible with some browsers or mobile devices.